Adopt the Pike – Support the Girl Scouts in F.S.!

Adopt the Pike
The “Adopt the Pike” project was started by a group of remarkable 5th grade Girl Scouts who set out on a mission to improve their community. It began with a survey of Hempstead Turnpike and the girls noted that there was garbage on the sidewalks, empty squares of dirt where trees once grew only to hold weeds and more debris. What they also discovered, like many local residents, is that Hempstead Turnpike has deteriorated and could be a much more welcoming area to shop, eat and visit. This project was officially started and shared with our community on November 21st and the reaction to it alone speaks volumes of the need for this project. It has hopefully awakened the pride that we have for our community and we hope that you will be a part of this movement.

The Adopt the Pike project is an ongoing effort and will divide Hempstead Turnpike into sections that troops and groups of residents will continue to maintain throughout the year. Each group will determine their own schedule and other groups can “cover” other areas as needed. The project will cover the blocks along Hempstead Turnpike from Scherer Blvd to Munson Ave for now. We hope to eventually extend the project to include other local roads and make some improvements to Rath Park . The first step is to clean the garbage and remove weeds. Once the cleaning is maintained, the next steps will be to beautify the area with flowers, planters, more garbage cans, and benches for everyone to enjoy. We will need continuous garbage bags and gloves. Residents can bring their own cleaning/gardening tools use, but the project will also explore purchasing some items too. We expect the main expenses of this project will incur when the beautification begins in the spring of 2016. Any donation amount would make a difference in our community. Thank you all again for your support on this project.

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